The Cornal Hendricks Foundation (CHF) is a B-BBEE Level 1 non-profit company that is a registered public benefit organisation (PBO) duly registered with the Department of Social Development and with SARS and is authorised to issue 18A tax donation certificates which degrees the taxable income level of any business, person or employee taxable income.

In 1995 our country united through sport, therefore Cornal Hendricks (the Founder and CEO) and CHF have decided that they are going to make a difference through sport in our rural communities. Youth in the rural areas love sport and are also very good at it. There are many young people with great talent and through sport we want to impact their lives. Rugby clinics are developed and connected with life skills and are value-based. During these lessons we focus on living with discipline, respect and most important to reach their potential and become leaders. “With discipline, you achieve much in life. You must have respect for yourself, your teammates and other people. You must always see yourself as a winner and always love what you do. To put shoes on youth’s feet, to wash their feet and help them believe that dreams can come true; was the most humbling experience for me that I have ever experienced in my life. There are millions of people worldwide who dies yearly from not having shoes on their feet.” We want to help alleviate this problem and make it part of our mission to serve.

The core values of The Cornal Hendricks Foundation can be seen as their North star. They guide them in every decision they make, making sure they stay true to themselves and what they believe in.

Dream: If a person do not dream, they are dying from the inside out. We dream big for the children of South Africa and our dreams scares us. It is a good thing, right?⁠

Hope: “Endurance produces character and character produces hope…”⁠ Wherever we go we instil hope. When one has hope, dreams can become true.⁠

Inspire: We strive to be an example of love, hope and dreams to those without it, setting the example, so that they can be the change wherever they go.

And this is the very point where Children House of Hope and The Cornal Hendricks Foundation meets. Both organisations have the same focus, the same outcome, the same dream. Through this partnership both organisations can reach far more children than they usually would. Remember: Children is our future! We need to look after them.

Children House of Hope NPO is a registered non-profit organisation with the Department of Social Development, and Children House of Hope NPC is a duly registered company in South Africa.

The Cornal Hendricks Foundation and Children House of Hope have developed holistic community upliftment projects through the School 24/7 projects to uplift and bring changes in schools and communities. This objective aims to create a positive change in communities, focusing specifically on the well-being of our country’s children. VANTON Group is a collaborating partner with the wish to uplift communities and children as their community development program. VANTON Group will manage the websites of each school in the project.

This objective aims to create a positive change in communities, focusing specifically on the well-being of our country's children.

One child, one family, one community at a time.

The Cornal Hendricks Foundation NPC and Children House of Hope NPC is facilitating school strategies and solutions in cities and towns by means of impacting families, especially children, through health mapping, skills development, food security and health programmes. Positive and healthy children have a direct impact on communities. We have to invest in our children because they are the next generation leaders and our future. We are building bridges between businesses and schools.

With our School 24/7 Programme, we will be able to:

  • Do health needs mapping through our OASIS health programme and supply health supplements and support where needed.
  • Cover each child 24/7 with a private EMS and ambulance service with R1,3 million cover in a private hospital for any accident at any place.
  • Ensure each child receives at least one daily nutrient-balanced meal with an immune booster.
  • Set up a hydroponic tyre vegetable garden at every school and teach the children the life skill of how to grow and build their own vegetable garden at home. We supply and construct a 10m x 4m vegetable hot house at each school.
  • Appoint a parent as caretaker at each school.
  • Each child will have access to a remote teacher Monday to Thursday in all languages and all school subjects for tasks, homework help and exam preparation.
  • Through The Cornal Hendricks Foundation, promote sports, especially rugby, from the grassroots level.
  • Give each child an e-wallet account with a transactional wallet card. The school becomes cashless and a safer environment.
  • Create and manage a website for each school in the project.
  • Set up a school VIP club for all parents in the community to join and create a community buying power, where each parent will qualify for discounted products, special rates and benefits.
  • Make a difference in every child’s life.
  • The Cornal Hendricks Foundation is a Level 1 BEE company. Companies can use any donation under SED for up to 5 BEE points.
  • Employees who wish to participate will reduce their taxable income.
  • Advertisement within communities.
  • Advertisement boards at schools.
  • Advertisement on all training manuals.
  • Advertisement on school websites.
  • Access to the parents through the parent VIP membership club.
  • Community development reports will be published and made available to corporate companies regularly. Companies can use this on their websites.
  • Our OASIS mapping project will provide corporate companies with reports on the wealth and health of the community once the community mapping is complete.
  • Advertisement at Cornal Hendricks Foundation sports clinics.
  • Community collection payment gateway as a possible collection method.
  • The Cornal Hendricks Foundation NPC PBO
  • Children House of Hope NPC
  • VANTON Group
  • OASIS Health platform
  • Your Broker House (PTY) Ltd FSP46444
  • Herminix (Pty) Ltd Membership Administrator
  • Netfluid (Pty) Ltd Financial Solutions Platform Administrator
  • Participating Mines, Businesses and Schools

The Cornal Hendricks Foundation and The Children House of Hope School 24/7 Programme envisage the transformation of local schools in South Africa as follow:

  • Empowerment of communities through children by means of building public private partnerships between:
    • Schools: skills development by fighting food security.
    • Food programmes: ensuring that each child has a daily nutrient-balanced meal.
    • Health: ensuring that each child and teacher has immediate access to private emergency services and health care 24/7 for any accident.
  • Any person or business may donate 10% of taxable income and use a 18A donation tax certificate to deduct the donation against tax. Social economic development funding. Employees donating through payroll may donate up to 5% of taxable salary.
  • The Cornal Hendricks Foundation 18A certificate and the donation increase businesses’ BEE score card with 5 BEEE points.
  • Health mapping of communities and supplying health supplements through the OASIS platform based on the knowledge within each community.
  • School 24/7 Programme is an e-wallet platform laying the groundwork for schools to become cashless and to reduce crime.
  • School 24/7 Programme lay the foundation for Rugby and other sports skills development at grass root level through future planned rugby and other sport clinics.
  • School 24/7 Programme strengthen relationships and support between businesses and schools.
  • Vegetable 4 x 10-meter hothouse can produce R8,000.00 plus vegetables each month.
  • One caretaker job is created at each school with the project.
  • With call a teacher programme, the teachers and children are assisted.
  • Our feeding scheme will ensure that all children have all the nutrients and vitamins that they may need to stay focused through the day.
  • Parents and community are unified through invitation to become members of the school VIP club.
  • Through the sponsored website for each school, will schools advertise the programme’s success.
  • Full reporting systems to funders and accountability of every cent of donations through partnership with Your Broker House (Pty) Ltd Registered FSCA Financial Services Supplier, FSP 46444.
  • School 24/7 programme not-for-profit foundations, receiving funding on behalf of the community, in development projects, as tax haven, will be a partner of Corporate Social Investment (CSi).
Contact us for any more information. We undertake to issue and email your 18A tax donation certificate, donation agreement and tax forms, as soon as possible.

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