In 2016, Analien Boshoff, a retired teacher, recognised the urgent necessity to improve the circumstances of underprivileged young children wandering the streets of Melkhoutfontein, a neighbouring former fishing village of Stilbaai, due to unemployment and poverty. Her deep devotion to children compelled her to take action, and she initiated a small pre-school to cater to these vulnerable kids. Despite the limited options available, she managed to rent a storeroom owned by the Anglican Church, where she began her first school with just a few four-year-olds, providing them with safety, nourishment, and education. This marked the humble beginnings of her endeavour.

Over the course of three years, the number of children in her care grew significantly, prompting the need for relocation to the farm Palmyra, located just outside Stilbaai. This move allowed Analien to extend her support to a broader community, taking in more children in need.

To provide specialised assistance to children with specific needs like alcohol syndrome and autism, a dedicated assistant named Elizabeth from Melkhoutfontein was appointed.

In 2023, Greg Kuster and his wife, Belinda, an entrepreneurial family who had recently become owners of a farm on the outskirts of town, were deeply impressed by the remarkable work Analien was doing. Inspired by her efforts, they decided to donate a portion of their farm for the development of a new, larger school to cater to the ever-growing number of children who were lacking the care they deserved.

With the vision in place, plans for the construction of the new pre-school were drafted and approved, ensuring that more children in need would receive the care and education they required.

The set out to build a school for little ones, when you do not have funds , is not for the faint-hearted.

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Our dream is to see children from this area, grow to their full potential, becoming the best version of themselves. They should feel loved, respected and encouraged in all areas of their lives.

We aim to see this happen by providing high quality education and children in a safe, respectful and inclusive environment that builds a foundation for lifelong learning.

We want to expose our children to different environments and various learning experiences, (e.g., planting of vegetables, playing soccer, tricycle park, jungle gym, etc.). We allow them to explore their self-awareness and gain a sense of the world around them.

This will be a three-phased project.


  • Draughting and approval of plans.
  • Deforestation and equalization of the site.
  • Build the concrete wall, install irrigation and plant lawns.
  • Building the first phase of classrooms and extra amenities, which also includes the expansion of the playground.


  • Expansion of classrooms to include a classroom for those with special needs.
  • Building of tunnel-covered vegetable gardens where children can take food home from the gardens.


  • The final development of the indoor layout.
  • Finalisation of the playground

Klein Begin is totally dependent on donations to run, as the school chooses not to be part of the department of Education. This school should be seen as a legacy to this community and its benefactors.

As a charitable initiative, Klein Begin Preschool needs ongoing support to continue to provide this much-needed service to the children.

The building project is estimated at ± R2,65 mil (± $140 000 or £120 000).

Klein Being is registered as a project under the covering of The Cornal Hendricks Foundation ( We assist them in making sure all finances are in order, but also that we can supply a 18a Tax Certificate to all donators.