What do we see for the future? What do we dream about? All relevant questions.

We are a NGO who aims to help raise every child who we come in contact with in South Africa to become the best version of themselves.

Our vision is pinpointed is “Invest and create opportunities in the lives of young people by developing their talents and turning dreams into reality.”

With this in mind we are spearheading this vision by being on a mission to build and strengthen future communities by encouraging, empowering and enabling young people to become the best they can be through education, training and coaching.

Since the established of The Cornal Hendricks Foundation (CHF), we have dreamt of being able to provide bursaries for young people toward their studies and provide sport equipment for sportsmen and women who will be competing on school provincial level. CHF would like to establish our own High Performance Centre (HPC) where previously disadvantage youth can develop their sport talent. This is Cornal’s personal passion for the youth. He wants them to experience that there are people who still love and care for them and who believe in them to reach their dreams and live their potential. We believe that the youth who go through the CHF HPC program will give back in their different communities and become role models for other youth. They will tell people that their difficult circumstances do not keep them from reaching their goal. Cornal’s motto in life is: “You don’t have to live in a big house, or drive a fancy car, or have a lot of money to be successful in life. Just believe in yourself and work hard to become successful.”

In 1995 our country united through sport, therefore CHF have decided that we are going to make a difference through sport in our rural communities. Youth in the rural areas love sport and are also very good at it. There are many young people with great talent and through sport we want to impact their lives. Rugby clinics are developed and connected with life skills and are value-based. During these lessons we focus on living with discipline, respect and most important to reach their potential and become leaders. “With discipline, you achieve much in life. You must have respect for yourself, your teammates and other people. You must always see yourself as a winner and always love what you do. To put shoes on youth’s feet, to wash their feet and help them believe that dreams can come true; was the most humbling experience for me that I have ever experienced in my life. There are millions of people worldwide who dies yearly from not having shoes on their feet.” We want to help alleviate this problem and make it part of our mission to serve.