We would like to invest and create opportunities in the lives of young people by developing their talents and turning dreams into reality.

We aim to do it by build and strengthening future communities by encouraging, empowering, and enabling young people to become the best they can be through education, training, and coaching.

CHF would like to establish their own High-Performance Centre (HPC) in 2023 where previously disadvantaged youth can develop their sport talent. This is Cornal’s personal passion for the youth. He wants them to experience that there are people who still love and care for them and who believe in them to reach their dreams and live their potential.

In 1995 our country united through sport; therefore, CHF have decided that we are going to make a difference through sport in our rural communities.

Youth in the rural areas love sport and are also very good at it. There are many young people with great talent, and through sport we want to impact their lives.

Our rugby clinics are developed and connected with life skills and are value-based. During these lessons we focus on living with discipline, respect and most important to reach their potential and become leaders. We want to help alleviate this problem and make it part of our mission to serve.

The HPC will be running from the Boland College Drakenstein Campus Sports Grounds in Paarl, Drakenstein Municipality.

We have hand-picked 20 youth in the age group of 19 – 25 in the greater Drakenstein Municipality for development.

  • We would like to obtain the sports facility at Boland College Drakenstein Campus.
  • We would do the maintenance and upkeeping of the facility during our period of a lease.
  • While our chosen youth group attend our HPC program, will they complete their TVET qualification at Boland College Drakenstein Campus in one of the different study qualifications that are provided at the TVET College.
  • As the HPC program foresees to provide world class training in Rugby and Netball, starting with sports code Rugby.
  • Other sporting codes will be added as CHF develops the Sporting Facility.
  • The HPC program in conjunction with the TVET College qualification will enable the youth to either further their career as a semi-professional / professional sports person, as a professional employee or professional entrepreneur.
  • During each session of the HPC program, each youth will receive a balanced meal to make sure that they are properly fed and on a proper diet.
  • They will be given nutritional supplements to further assist their diet.
  • They will be members at a gym at the sporting facility for proper strength workout and muscle building as needed.
  • The group of 20 hand-picked HPC players will participate in the yearly tournament of 10’s known as the Bushveld 10’s.

The sports facility will be proper maintained through the CHF HPC strategic partnership. The greater youth attending the TVET College will also be able to use the different sporting code facilities to assist in creating a culture of inclusivity.The burden of sport training at the TVET College will be done through the CHF HPC program in striving efficiency and ethical work habits been establish in the attendees of the CHF HPC program. The CHF HPC program will assists student’s to provide them with a solid foundation from which they can fulfil their potential.